Were you quick enough to catch Mr. Nelson, the mullet man, at the market last week? If the fishing is good, we’ll see him again this Saturday. Fresh fish is a lovely dish with sauteed peppers, onions and tomato…a little corn on the cob on the side…Sanguon’s Organics, Marvin’s Garden and iGrow Whatever You Like have the freshest, local veggies. You are what you eat, so choose wisely!
We honor the sweet tooth too – local honey from Frenchtown Beez and Deacon Duffee’s cane syrup are market staples. You never know what surprises Marie’s Jam & Jelly will have jarred up. Find a new favorite taste adventure! William’s Gourmet is knocking us out with red velvet pound cake and special yummies for your gluten-free and vegan family members. These vendors are exclusive to Heritage Marketplace – you’ll only find this flavor in Frenchtown, folks!
Visit ASH Gallery and the historic Taylor House just down Georgia street. Swing back through the market and pick up some smoked pork chops and bacon from local favorite Limestone Meathouse. Chef Shac is always cooking up something delicious and you can cool down with her beautiful iced tea blends.
The Frenchtown farmers market accepts SNAP/EBT and is the only place in town that can double your SNAP dollars (food stamps) to buy the fresh produce mentioned above. Come by the market and ask us how it works! Our vendors also accept WIC vouchers.
We’re launching a three-part consumer workshop series that promotes purchase of local produce and health education. The one-hour workshops will also touch on how to use the market’s incentive programs. Classes are free! In fact, you get paid to come! So, if you get SNAP assistance or know someone who does, hit us up on Facebook, the website or by email for more information.
We want to hear from you! Tell us what you like and what you want to see at your farmers market. Follow us on Facebook, and join us every Saturday to Grow Community 🙂
There’s still time to register as a vendor for Frenchtown Heritage Fest 2015! There’s even still time to sign up as an event sponsor. Help us fill up Georgia street with celebration. Find vendor and sponsor packets on the website. Entertainers! We want to hear from you too. Come join the party! Frenchtown Heritage Fest 2015 will happen on Saturday, October 3rd on West Georgia Street. Mark your calendars!
This Saturday at the Frenchtown Market (7/25/15)