The Heritage Food Hub project grew out of a community-led initiative to
address critical need in the Frenchtown neighborhood regarding access to fresh
food and related health disparities experienced by people of color, including
diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers.
A diverse team of partner agencies and organizations is working to establish
a permanent location in the neighborhood that would provide the necessary fresh
food access, market entry and health education. The hub would serve as an
enhanced retail platform for local food producers, providing business and
marketing support for small-scale farmers and start-up food businesses. The
project would increase economic opportunity and diversity within the local food

system by circulating food dollars locally and fostering entrepreneurship through-
out the region.

Heritage Food Hub operations are expected to improve resident health
options, economic diversity, tax revenues and job creation by supporting food
access, small business creation and local food production. In addition to these

desirable outcomes, municipal return on investment could extend to improve-
ments in public safety and attraction of private investment to the greater

downtown area.